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Full Version: HP 49G Memory recover
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is there software for the calculator that can recover port memory.

Edited: 19 Aug 2005, 12:19 p.m.

RPN Mode -
The command [:2:Home ARCHIVE] will store all your directories with programs, note files, plots, custom keys, etc, securely in in the Flash ROM of Port 2.
The command [:2:Home RESTORE] will restore the saved Home setting of the archive.

If you have favorite flag settings, save them as a list. For example, {-117 SF -116 SF} 'Flags' STO. Then after the restore operation, put the Flags file on the stack, then EVAL. The same can be done for the ->KEYTIME command, if you have a favorite setting of that.

in already know that. but i want software for the calc that can recover port memory