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Full Version: 49G manuals (help!)
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The manuals provided with the 49G are useless, and the advanced user's guide (while a valiant attempt) falls well short of the in-depth discussion on using this great new tool to its limits.

I finally ditched my TI-86 after years as a loyal TI fan -- but this transition (as worthwhile an effort as it is) will absolutely kill me if I can't find a good reference text to help me hone my skills with the graphing, statistic, calculus and other functions.

For those of you who have both a 48 and a 49 -- would one or all of the 48GX manuals help me get a grip on the 49? If so, which one(s)???


P.S. - Anybody have problems graphing fractional exponents on the 49? (negative x values won't plot, but re-writing the equation with a radical in the denominator works fine...?) -- does the 48 have this problem?

Hello Bryan,

To get to know the HP49G, i had to buy a secondhand HP48G with user's guide. If i had not do that, i would propebly never learned what to do with the HP49G, especially when you whant to use HP's famous RPN mode.

The manual that came with the HP49G are an insult to the buyer. The unit cost's US$ 170,- . You would expect a decent manual, like HP use to provide with there calculators in the past.

I agree. You will need the standard HP manual for the HP48G(X) and the Advanced User Guide (for programming) to get to know the HP49G as a new user . I find the HP49G documentation far to scant.

Also look at some of the documentation at hpcalc.org, some of it is very deep (e.g. saturn processor) but other bits fill in the gaps in the users knowledge.

Gilberto Urroz has written a book (or 2) for the HP49G. See it at: www.greatunpublished.com/Authors/Gilberto_Urroz.htm

I have not seen this book so can't recomend it. I think it may be available as a down loadable file, but I don't yet know the address.


Thank you for the link to Mr. Urroz' books -- they appear to be just what I need!

To all,

Thanks to the above for the help! I don't remember who's lead I followed, but I finally located the quintessential HP49G manuals and figured I'd share this gem of info with other frustrated 49G users (I know there's more than a few out there!).

The manuals are written by Gilberto E Urroz, PhD, PE and can be obtained on the net at greatunpublished.com. Titles are "Science and Engineering Mathematics with the HP-49G", ISBN 1-58898-043X for volume 1 and -044-8 for Volume 2.

Caution: The manuals are RPN/RPL focused, so if you're using the '49 in algebraic mode, these probably aren't for you.

They run about $25 each for hard-copy and $20 in electronic format (which they'll e-mail to you). If you buy hard copy, you may also request electronic format for no additional charge.

Hope this helps!

Again, to the forum - thanks!

~ Bryan

Sorry I didn't give credit where it was due in my earlier entry. The books are outstanding and they blow the Texas Instrument TI-86 books away! I'd recommend them as a refresher in engineering mathematics as well as for calculator operating instruction.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the 49G now -- it's like night and day.