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Full Version: Forth Assembler
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Isn't it possible to put a Forth Assembler Rom Image on a Clonix or NoVRAM module? Thanks---GARRY


Yes it is, if you're interested in such configuration I'll make a FORTH41.HEX file to burn into Clonix/NoVRAM and will mail it to you.

Due to the take-over nature of such image (using page #4) it cannot be configured with the standard Clonix6P.EXE utility.

Best wishes


Edited: 10 Aug 2005, 6:30 p.m.

Hi Diego!
Would you be so nice and mail me a copy, too?

Deigo, please email the file to my email address, just drop the nospam from the address. Thanks---GARRY


Garry, I just mailed you the file yesterday afternoon... Didn't you receive it?

Jürgen, I'll send it to you also as I get back home this afternoon.

Please feel free to distribute to anyone interested in the subject.



Dear Diego,
If you could send me the necessary files, it would be nice.
I have a Clonix41 and a Novram.
The pages used by Forth41 are 4 & 5.
Thanks for assistance. Regards. Yours.

Hi all.

Hi Diego. I was wondering if you or jurgen could pass on the forth

By the way, Diego, I just want to say BRILLIANT WORK by you and JI on the clonix rom device. That's really cool, and I really like
the F252 coding by you and JI (don't know how much is JI's; software and you did the hardware?) Anyway, wonderful implementation.

Can you get the power consumption (a.k.a. F252 clock rate)
down any further? Just curious.


Hi all.

My e-mail address is donwallace63@yahoo.com.au

If anyone has a spare minute, could they e-mail me a copy of
the forth rom image, please.

Diego, whats required to write the image to your clonix

Thanks in advance, guys.

Don W