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Full Version: Andy Delano's 71B Page
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Having just scored a 71B (with MEM reporting 123318!), I'm now in search of cool toys. JF Garnier's and Eric Smith's sites both refer to http://home.attbi.com/~andy.delano/index.htm as a resource page for the 71B. But that was the old cox@home hierarchy hastily converted over to attbi when the plug was pulled. And AT&T internet is now Comcast. Whatever, the address no longer exists. Does anyone know what became of the site?


You might try the Wayback Machine and see if it archived the old site.

Duh! (Smacks forehead with palm.)

Well, it was a good idea. But Wayback comes up empty. The wole of "home.attbi.com" only has about a dozen pages, most referenced with HTTP GET URLs. The last page archived for the base page did point me to 'home.comcast.net' but http://home.comcast.net/~andy.delano/index.htm doesn't exist either.