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Full Version: hp 41cx - Surveying COGO Program
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I had a full COGO program, given to me by a friend to the mid eighties (1984-85), he got it from a firm in Western Canada - BC I think, I had used it for years and it was a great tool for a field surveyor. Two years ago my truck got broken into and the theives made off with both my Hp 41CX treasured calculators. I am now trying to rebuild my old field survey computation ability and find a copy of the cogo program I once used in earnest. If anyone knows of such a program, it had all the basic routines and the abilty to store up to 180 pts with an extended memory card, please contact me....


The TDS Co-Op 41 Surveying Module would store 170 or so points on one extended memory, and 299 on two. Might be that one.