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Full Version: calling for wish-list on custom 41CV/X i/o slave
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I have 20 years experience in electronics repairs starting at
Canon Australia in 1985. Engineering design and machine code programming experience runs from 1984 to present day.

I am currently in early stages of developing prototypes for
hardware expansion of the 41CV /CX.

Features of prototype includes:
a slave RISC microcontroller with multi-channel analogue i/o
and / or stepper motor drive (six channel) for use in robotics.
Remote (timed and untimed) hardware wakeup of 41C by interrupt.
Extra ROM and flash RAM, useable for both MCODE and USER CODE.

If anyone is interested or has a wishlist for features to be
included, please write:


You can reach me on mobile telephone at: +61432 261 292
In Australia this is 0432 261 292. Basic (text only) SMS is ok.
I am yet to build a webpage, but it's coming. . . ;-)


Don Wallace

anything that would help control robots remotely would be great. also:
USB connection to PC

Okay, Peter. What did you have in mind exactly?

You can e-mail me rather than post here if you like, but maybe a few others here would be interested. I don't know.