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Full Version: belt dimensions for tape drives
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Good morning,
I would like to ask if the belt specifications (width) of the various tape drives built into the HP calculators HP-85, 9815 and 9825 can be found somewhere? I'll visit a belt manufacturing company later this year and would like to use the opportunity to get some belts in anticipation. I know that part of the specs concerns the reinforcement cord inside the belt, which can be Kevlar (yellow in color) or polyester (white). I do not know if the HP belts had a reinforcement cord, or if the presence of such a cord would impact the function.

Thank you

I do not know about the 9815 and 9825, but the HP-85 tape drive does NOT have a belt. The capstan is attached directly to the motor.

I suspect that the HP-9815 and HP-9825 also do not have bands as I do not recall seeing such bands in the spare parts lists for these computers.

Perhaps you are talking about the band inside the tape CARTRIDGES?


I am sorry for the earlier post, I have just come across an image of a tape catridge and the belts are referred to as "tape drive belts" so it was my bad.



Looking good! Do you have dimensions at hand?