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Full Version: HP85 Games
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Looking for the GAMES II Pac for HP-85 (00085-13057). Far superior to the GAMES I Pac, GAMES II had such titles as BATS, FATCAT, ASTEROID and (I think) FOOTBALL.

Anyone out there have a copy of this? (my tape has turned to dust!)

Thanks in advance.


I have a copy of this cartridge (the files, the cartridge is long gone) on a hard disk attached to a hp85b.
I dont know, however, how to get them off. Any suggestions and I will try to put them on a web page.

In order to tell you how to transfer stuff off you HP-85, I need to
know exactly what configuration you have. E.g.

- You have n HP-85B. How much RAM does it have installed?
- Adapter cards (obviously you have HPIB, anything else?)
- ROM modules (e.g. EMS ROM, etc)
- You have a hard disc drive, which model?
- Floppy drives? (their size and whether they known to work)
- anything else ...

Also I need to know what "modern" systems you have near the HP-85B
(e.g. PC running Windows/Linux/BSD*, etc.)