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Full Version: What happened to Thomas Osborne after the 9100A?
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Thomas Osborne's contribution to the HP 9100A is well documented, but I seem to be unable to trace back what he did after "the initial journey", as Steve Leibson phrased it on his gorgeous 9825 yet unfinished 9825 site. From what I read, he was a rather independent spirit, never hesitating to leave a company unable to follow his vision, and likewise did not stay with HP for long. Who knows more?


He is mentioned in the '72 article "Made in USA...finally!" by Sheldon on Rick Furr's site.

... the long-tenured head football coach from 1972 at the University of Nebraska, and is now a U.S. Representative from Nebraska.

Just kidding! Seriously, it can be annoying when one tries to find info about someone using Google or Yahoo, and there is a famous namesake dominting the "hits".

-- KS