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Full Version: Amazon has speeded up Shipping theHP49G+
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I was looking at Amazon today and I noticed that they are now shipping HP-49G+ calculators (STILL FOR $77.99) within 24 hours. Sounds like they are stocking the 49G+.

I ordered one (when Amazon said it would take 1 to 2 weeks) and it should be arriving any day now,



Thanks for alerting the group. I received mine a while back, SN CN511xxxxx. Maybe this new crop is even more recent.

Hewlett Packard 49G+ Graphing Calculator


Hi Bob,

Another fellow website member reported that he had received his 49G+ from Amazon with a S/N that is not as recent as your machine's S/N. He did seem satisfied with the calculator he received.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for my Amazon purchase.


Hi Bob,

I just got my HP49G+ from Amazon. The SN is CNA5100xxxx. Cool!!


I just got my HP49G+ from Amazon. The SN is CNA5100xxxx


I also just got my HP49G+ from Amazon. The SN is CNA5100xxxx. The keys operate and pop like the 70's TI's use to with the metal domes, anyone know if the A's have them yet?

This unit is today showing no longer available from AMAZON, ONLY from 3rd Party retailers, and who knows what stock they have, like the A revision.

And somebody suggested they were stocking up. They have now cleared out their inventory.


You are right! Well I guess Amazon did have a rather limited supply. I am very surprised at that!!