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Full Version: Look !!! HP41CV - $ 1500.00 !!!!!
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I am millionaire! I have 5 CV! ! ! :-)


Amazing! It even is used!!!!

He outdid coburlin in his outrageous price ... hats off to this guy!!

Do not click on "Buy it now!" by accident ;)

You have to confirm the purchase with ANOTHER click!

After you check your brain at the web browser! ;+}

I don't think it matters as I don't think there will be any bid.


You have a point. I have seen many buyers click without fully reading (or doing ANY reading at all) the item's descriptive text. FOlks like that just click on out of reflex.


But then this idiot has to pay Ebay listing fees based upon a percentage of the listed opeing bid.

Things you don't know. The former owner of this calculator was Anakin Skywalker. In the back side has his name engraved with his light sabre. It's a unique piece...My comission please.


No,no,no it was Darth Vaders, see its black.
Luke would have used a more modern "white Sharp" unit! LOL
There endeth the lesson

You'd think I'd know who the father was and who was the son don't you being as old as I am. Duh! Sorry guys
We have too much fun taking the mickey out of other people don't we

Paul (read the lines too fast. Still early morning here)





Must've been using a TI...

Or a pre-TI Handy Counter.

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