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Full Version: HP-19C (inside the dot)
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The secret hiding in the decimal dot of the HP-19C has been revealed.



Somebody (Katie?) showed us this several years ago, too.

Thanks for sharing this with us. It makes me remember of this digital graffiti I first saw some years ago in Newsweek magazine:


The HP-19C decimal point is kind of an Easter egg rather than graffiti, I think. Does it happen on HP-29C too?



Dave Shaffer wrote:
> Somebody (Katie?) showed us this several years ago, too.

Yes it was Katie. That was before I got my HP-19C; I had asked on the list if anybody had pictures of the hp logo on the dot and Katie posted them.

They were a bit fuzzy as I recall.

I hope to get better pictures as I get more familiar with my camera.


a) as the link states, the "bill sux" on the Pentium die was a hoax, so it does not count.

b) the hp logo on the dot is an attribute of the display, so its not observed on the HP-29C.

I wonder though, whether you can see the HP logo on the decimal dot on the HP-10C which shares the same case design as the HP-19C.

Yes, the HP-10 (not 10C) uses the same display as the 19C and has the 'hp' dot as well.

Interestingly, I had (but sold) a 19C that didn't have the 'hp' dot. Apparently, they made at least two different displays for these calculators. I've only seen (up close) 2 HP-10's and 4 HP-19C's and have only come across the non-'hp' dot on one machine, so I really don't have any idea of how prevalent the non-'hp' dot displays are.

I'm not sure what happened to my fuzzy 'hp' dot pictures, I do remember that it was very hard to photograph with my cheapo digital camera.

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Thank you so much! I have a few 19Cs and *never* noticed this. What a good piece of trivia. How is it Dave Hicks doesn't mention this in his write up?

That HP logo is so small it's rather easy to overlook! I'm not surprised that many HP-19C owners are not aware of it.

I used to own an HP-19C, and one time I got a powerful magnifying glass, and started looking at all sorts of things through it. The 19C being my (other) favorite toy, it was only a matter of time before I took a close look at its display, and lo!, there it was.

This was also mentioned in some HP Key Notes issue, IIRC, but don't ask me which one -- by another individual playing with a magnifying glass...

- Thomas

You are right, hoaxes shoudn't count. These 'single-atom'-matrix IBM letters are also impressive:


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Mark Lynch wrote:
> I have a few 19Cs and *never* noticed this.

Remember I was using my original HP-19C at school, my vision then was much much better [1] and since I was using that machine all the time, I had more opportunities to notice the HP logo.

[1] Last year, when I received my used HP-19C I eagerly looked at the display to see the HP logo, but I couldn't see it! I had to use a magnifying glass. If I didn't know it was there I wouldn't have found it.


I checked both my HP10 and 19, but neither one has the "hp" logo.


I definitely see it on one of my 19Cs, haven't checked the other. Someone else in this thread said there were some manufactured with, and others without.

I will say this: It is *extremely* tiny (yet crisp), you will need a magnifying glass to see it for sure.