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Full Version: 9114B battery
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Just wondering if anybody knows the batteries used by this disc drive and output voltage. I have got one but old batteries are removed and I canĀ“t test it. Has anybody tried a regulated power supply?

AFAIK Tony Duell uses his 9114 w/o rechargeable battery.

However, replacement types for the battery are available

from specialized battery shops.

"Batteries Plus" recently rebuilt my 9114B battery for a reasonable price; about $35.00. They did an excellent job.

If you have the battery housing (which includes the charger PCB), you can replace the battery itself with 3 2.5Ah Cyclon cells (these are cylindrical lead-acid cells) wired in series. As usual, the red wire is positive.

If you are missing the entire battery housing, you can power the 9114 using a 6V supply (it doesn't need to be too well regulated) connected to the 2 pin mini-jones connector inside the cavity on the back of the 9114. I can't remember the polarity, but if you take the 9114 apart (Torx screws on the bottom), you can see the back of this jones plug, again the red wire is +ve.

Be warned that a 9114 can draw well over 1A from the battery, so you need a reasonable PSU.

Thanks a lot. I think that I will try with those cilindrical batteries. And I can get them in RS Amidata :-)))


if they also have either the original replacement type

Panasonic LCR 6V2.4P

or the replacement of the replacement

Multipower MP 2,8-6

it would be just plug and play,

no soldering, fitting and alike,

because these batteries have the same size

and the same connectors as the original.

And the price is about 10 to 11 Euros plus shipping.

Not that bad, I'd say;-)