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Full Version: Question(s) about HP17B/BII/BII+, HP19B/BII equation & programming
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Hi, all;

is there any source of references/techniques/examples on how to program (write expressions) in the financial, advanced models? I see that many guys show clever, advanced solutions here at the MoHPC forum and I wonder if there is a source of information other than the manuals. BTW, I read the HP19BII manual and found the text related to equation writing too extensive (long?) and I actually read it without much concentration, just 'identified the words' and so. I also downloaded the Training Modules, but did not read the specific ones about this subject. Should I read the User's Guide again and go deeper in the understanding? Sorry asking what seems to have an obvious question (going deeper), but I'd like to know if the HP19BII is the best reading about this subject.

Thanks for any guidance.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 13 June 2005, 4:02 p.m.

The learning modules don't go into much detail about using the solver functions for these models (and, no, I didn't write them) :-)

Perhaps one of the best resources is the technical applications booklet from HP for the HP17B/HP27S a few years ago. The PDF for this is on the HP museum CD set.

Emails to HP suggesting that they provide more material online might also be a good thing. :-)


There is an article called HOW TO USE: SIGMA -- "It's a Wonderful Function" by Ed Keefe. I am sorry but I do not have a more detailed reference.

The main programming functions are L(), G(), SIGMA and IF and using ZERO to make sure the final result is the one you want. It is how you apply these that opens up the world of programming with a HP17bII+.


Chris dean


I second both Gene's and Chris's suggestions:

Gene's reference to:
HP-27S/19B Technical Applications . . . (CD 1):
Documents on the Museum CD/DVD Set

Chris's reference to Ed Keefe's article:
HOW TO USE: SIGMA --"It's a Wonderful Function"


Hi Gene, Chris, Bob, guys;

Bob, I downloaded Ed's article; thank you for taking the time to post the link. I also have the original 6 CD pack from the MoHPC and I'll read the manuals as you, guys, suggested. Thank you Gene and Chris for pointing these documents out, too. I appreciate that.

I like RPN and RPL, but I did not succeed developing good programming techniques with algebraic programming in RPL calculators (HP49G/G+), only standard algebraic programming with the HP12C Platinum and the HP33S. This algebraic-based programming & expression writting from the HP17/19 series is teasing. Does it classify in any of the existing language paradigms? I want to learn it with structures, not only simple expression 'key in' sequences.

Thank you all again. I'll surely have some good reading about this, now.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)