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Full Version: 49G+ ROM Update Horror Story
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I am sharing with others who may have or might in the future experience tons of frustrations with updating the ROM of the HP49G+ using an SD card.

I had a 64MB SD card by Lexar that was in an early s/n 49G+. I decided to install the latest ROM version. I also opened a new 49G+ with a CNA452xxx s/n. What happened next happened to BOTH machines and drove me nuts.

I copied the ROM update file to the SD card and followed the procedure. The steps went well until I came to the last step in which I reset the calculator. Rather than seeing the stack as expected, the calculator took me back to the ROM update choice menu (1 USB and 2 CARD). I repeated this process many many times on EACH calculator without escaping the update menu after I pressed RESET. I searched this web site and that of HP for instructions. All were saying the same thing (last step is to press RESET). I even tried varying the duration of pressing RESET--nothing worked.

I tried to use the connetivity software but it was not as smooth as TI's version (it did work ok later). I finnaly decided to use a San Disk 128MB SD card. When I repeated the procedure on each calculator everything went smooth. Now both 49G+ have the new ROM.

So if you are suing some SD card to update the ROM of the 49G+ and experience similar issues. Ditch that SD card and use another brand.


Hi, Namir;

I updated my HP49G+ through cable because I have no means to load the SD card through the computer (no such SD connection hardware in my computer). So, I decided to add the brands and models I use. I have two SD cards, 256MBytes, one in the HP49G+ and the other in my Nikon Coolpix 3200. Both work fine on each device.

1 - SimpleTech PROX High-Speed SD card, up to 10MB/s write speed (www.simpletech.com)

2 - Fujifilm 256MB SD card (could not find transfer rate or extra data, neither the card model)

At least so far both are working perfectly fine.


Luiz (Brazil)

It really should work if the instructions in the SD card learning module are followed.

Do you know how the card that didn't work was formatted? FAT12, FAT16, or FAT32?


I formatted the card in FAT format (per instructions)


What was puzzlig for me is that the Lexar SD card I was using seems to work fine in the HP49G+. I have been using it for several months. I was able to store a program and even use it to load a library posted by a "member" of this site. So the Lexard SD card has a history or working properly ... UNTIL ... last night when it made TWO machines get trapped in a ROM update phase.


Hi, Namir;

I was worried about this: could the card(s) fail when uploading ROM with the computer, or was it related to the procedure itself?

Based on the ROM file size, I cannot see a way to load it in the SD card through the HP49G+ itself (is there a way to do so?), so we could at least check this point out.

So, the fact that a card works fine while only in the HP49G+ does not mean it will work fine anytime, being the ROM upload one of the possible tests to check for card operation.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Namir.

Luiz (Brazil)

For what it's worth, I performed the upgrade using the USB cable and HP comm application, and it went smoothly. But I lost communication with the calculator after the upgrade. That is, the app wouldn't connect, though Windows saw the device. I didn't pursue it due to press of time, and lack of need to communicate for now.

Jean-Yves Avenard Jun 14, 1:17 am

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From: Jean-Yves Avenard <m...@privacy.net

Scott Chapin wrote:
>Hi JYA,
Does the mean all ROM upgrades have to be FAT16?

If you are using a SD card to update your calculator, then yes.


Older SD cards are not compatible. I have an older 16MB SD card that I couldn't use. Had to use a newer one.
The older one only allowed FAT (FAT16)formatting.
The newer one allowed FAT (FAT16) and FAT32 formatting. When I used the newer one, everything worked fine (even if I formatted it FAT (FAT16).

This was a problem for me until I figured it out.


CalcKidd wrote:
> Difference: The older one only allowed FAT (FAT16) formatting.
> The newer one allowed FAT (FAT16) and FAT32 formatting.

Hold on, these cards present a linear array of blocks to the OS, you can apply any kind of formatting on them , e.g. a Unix file system.

Am I missing smth?


How do you select FAT16 when formating with the new ROM ?

I have installed the new ROM on my HP49G+ and formated my SD (with FAT32) and since i cannot read my SD on my computer !