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Full Version: Some DigiKey batteries discontinued
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I tried to order replacement batteries for my HP-25C from DigiKey, and the battery recommened on this site (the P253T) has been discontinued. They recommended their replacement P092T-ND.

Has anybody used this battery? Does anybody have any specs on it? All they could tell me was it's a AA and 1.2 volts. Anything else I need to know (other than what's posted on the battery replacemnt section of this site)?

Thanks - Mike


I've been using the P092T-ND AA batteries for some time now to rebuild Woodstock battery packs, and they work just fine. In fact, they're an improvement with 1000mAh capacity vice the 700mAh of the P253T-ND batteries. I vaguely remember the OD supposedly being a tiny big bigger, but I've never noticed any fit issues. The detailed spec should be listed in Digikey's catalog on their website, www.digikey.com.

Good luck -


I just revised the part numbers and prices from Digikey in the battery replacement article. Thanks for pointing those changes out.