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Full Version: Stupid Scammer!
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A true story...

Got an email from a scammer. Said he wanted to buy my "product," wanted to pay by credit card, and wanted it shipped by DHL to Nigeria.

I had nothing for sale, so I asked to which product he was referring. He responded by asking for my web site so he could see what I had for sale!

Deciding to end the transaction at this point, I responded that my web site was www.sony.com, as I knew he would wise up at that response. In his next email, he actually asked for 5 ea. of several items, and asked for the total due.

Fun, fun, fun!

Got such a mail today right after posting to the ads section. BTW., are spammers the only one reading that section? Some time ago I offered a 32SII (for best offer) and got zero response. People seem to have given up looking elsewhere than eBay. Anyone here with a different experience?


I've bought a few things successfully via the ads section. Funny thing is, since I look infrequently, I'll often see an older ad for an item I'm interested in and figure, "Oh, someone's made an offer days ago, I won't bother contacting the seller." Based on Thomas's experience, I may have to get off my butt and send an e-mail no matter what! It is nice when you can buy from another HP fan and avoid giving eBay more $$$.



With the 32sii, it's probably more of a case of buyer burnout and generally being turned off. After having a $65 calculator climb to several hundred almost overnight, can you blame anone?

I swapped an 11c for a 27s on the ads section. It was a good deal.

But I got no response to my 32sii ad either--I think I had it over-priced :-)

I never could understand how the 32sii, with its pathetic little memory, ever got so popular. It could only hold 1 program! When its prices skyrocketed, I just laughed. At least this 33s has enough memory for 2 or 3 programs. Now all it needs is more labels...

The 32SII is probably the best multi-purpose calculator ever build. The limited number of labels/limited memory shouldn't hurt too much since programming big packages is IMHO not the scope of this calc. This really is a tool for quick everyday calculations where all (and many) functions must be easily available and if a program or formula is needed, it has to be typed in quickly most of the time. The context sensitive single letter mechanism allows this in perfection.



"The 32SII is probably the best multi-purpose calculator ever build"

This is a good example of just as we all don't drive the same car, we all don't love the same calculator: I couldn't disagree more. On a dollar per function basis, the HP48/49 series has the 32 beat by miles, even at eBay prices.

I'm using a 48G myself for quite some time now. For sure, it is a lot more powerful but there is a price to pay: Even some of the more simple calculations take longer to type in. Think of storing variables or doing percentage operations, which are better solved on RPN than on RPL. The fraction mode is a good example that the 32SII even has a functionality missing from the graphics models. But ok, 'elk sin mo"g' as we say in Ostfriesland (to each his own).