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Full Version: Stupid Question: Difference btn. 38G and 40G
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Today I got a new HP-40G still sealed in its blister package.
It is intended for collecting rather than for usage, but of course I like to play a little with the calculators before I put them in the drawer.

From the outside it looks very much like the 38G I already have (not one of my favourites, but very well built!), only cheaper (like rubber keys instead of hard plastic).
Also the keyboard layout and labelling seems rather similar.

Is there a functional difference between the two, apart from the larger memory of the 40G, that makes it worthwile opening the package - or can I put it aside for future generations without missing much?

Greetings, Max

pwd 40G


AFAIK you could explore the features of the 40g with Emu48,

so there would be no urgent need to open the blister;-)



Hi, Maximilian;

IIRC, both HP39G and HP40G where the 'replacement' for the HP38G. One of them was for the US market and the other was for Europe market, don't remember which. As your question relates to the difference when compared to the HP38 itself, I guess two places are usefull: An HP38/39/40 dedicated site pointed out by Gene a few days ago and Craig Finseth's Database. You'll see links to the HP38G, 38G+, 39G, 39G+ and 40G. Each link points to a page with every characteristic on each model.

Hope these help.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 10 June 2005, 5:10 p.m.

I believe the 40G was for the European community and not readily sold here in the US.
(I have a 40G also in the pack unopened).
I got mine strictly for collection purposes.

Yes, the 40 was for Europe. The CAS is the difference.

Raul L