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Full Version: HP 42S serial number
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I am a little confused here about the serial number on my 42S. It is: ID 7220XXXX My understanding is that it would have been made in a year ending in a 7. My understending also is that 42S were made from 88 to 95 or 96. Anybody have an explaination? Am I miss-reading something?


It is a service replacement 42S made in Indonesia in the 22nd week of 1997. They were manufactured up to 2000. Retail sales ceased in 1995 and they continued to support (read: sell replacements) the 42S for five years.

Thanks Randy. This means that they were really still in production, and explains why this one is in such great shape.


I recently saw an add in a survey discussion group here in Brazil that the seller said the same. He said he has really brand news HP 42S in blister pac with english manuals for about US$ 160. I asked him how did he get it. He said he recieved direct from indonesia market. My question that he could not answer is: Does HP still produce HP42S in Indonesia?


I knew it all along. HP is secretly remaking their old calcs and selling them on Ebay for much higher price than if they sell them officially. They have noticed that the prices of their calcs just went up significantly as soon as they discontinued them. Starting with the 42S which they couldn't sell for $80 and then the 32SII for $60 and then the 48G&GX.

I think they cleared out remaining stocks of previously unsold or returned units.

Similar things were going here in Germany a few years ago,

when 17BII was taken out of production.

I was able to get some new ones, along with some new (!) 14B and 21S units.

The latter (14B,21S) came w/o manuals or box,

only the plastic box inlet and slip case was included.

You couldn't buy these units directly as a private person,

and so my company bought them for me;-)

Before you ask: The 21S units are sold or traded away,

except two units for my collection.

Remember the stock of NOS HP-41CX units from UK ?

Too bad I didn't find that pile;-)


Last units built in Indonesia were 48GX's in the first quarter of 2003. Pioneers ceased the year before with the 32Sii and 17Bii being the last units built. Everything from 2003 on is has been built by a third party - and no, they aren't building Pioneers and 48's.

I know of another surveyor well known here on the MoHPC that had a quantity of new 42S's for sale back in 2003 or so. I bought several from him, they were service spares direct from a private dealer in Indonesia in non-retail boxes.

Secret new production being released by multiple sellers on eBay??? If you believe that I've got a classic bridge for sale in Brooklyn New York. A real investment opportunity!

Any of the 14Bs left for sale?