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Full Version: HP 49G+ Books
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Hello All!

This is my first post, so please be patient :)

I am getting an HP 49G+ and was looking for some books for it. I found two for the HP 49G that look really good.

Science and Engineering Mathematics with the HP 49 G - Volume 1 and 2 by Gilberto Urroz.

So, my questions -

1. Are there significant differences between the G and G+? Are these books still applicable for the G+?

2. Does anybody have these books? Are they any good?

3. Can anyone recommend any other books?


Hi, Scott;

welcome, if you allow me to! I'm here since 2000, and I guess Dave won't mind if I welcome you.

About Urroz books: they are both technical and calculator-related excelent as references and information source. I have four books written by him: the ones you mention plus GU #40 (Applications of the HP G series Calculator in Probability and Statistics) and GU #42 (Analytical and Numerical Methods with the HP48G/G+/GX). Although you are new to this forum, should I guess you are new to HP calculators as well? If so, follow me, please...

The HP48/49 series calculators are, if I can say so, in an evolutionary scale: the HP48S/SX, the 'graphics extention' + enhanced features HP48G/GX/G+, the 'OS upgradable' plus CAS HP49G and recently the expandable plus IO updated HP49G+. Although some guys here do not like the HP49G neither the HP49G+ because of a few issues, I guess that they are fine 'specimen'. Except for the HP48S and the HP48GX, I have at least one of each, and I use them all.

The best of both HP49G/G+ for me is the upgradable OS, and with the Secure Data (SD) card port, plus IRDA IO, plus USB connection, the HP49G+ is somehow powerfull. With the new 2.0 OS release some enhancements like the equation library (that was actualy borught back) set the HP49G+ to a higher, better level of operation. At least this is how a I see it.

You can think of the HP49G+ as having all of the resources available with the HP49G and a few more (like a bigger display, with extra lines), so you can use all user SW available for the HP49G with the HP49G+. The same, with a few restrictions, apply to the user SW available to the HP48G series. About system RPL and assembly... well, others can tell more about this.

There is an excelent book written for the HP48G: 'The HP48G Calculus Companion', mainly to students (high school, I guess), but it is very well written and is also both a reference and information source. And you can download many documentation related to the HP48/49 at www.hpcalc.org . It's worth checking it up.

Hope this gives you a glimpse for now.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 8 June 2005, 8:40 a.m.


The 49G+ that I bought came with a CD manual of some 800 plus pages in addition to a smaller printed instruction book. Both are useful and cover just about everything the calculator is capable of!




you could also take a look at www.hpcalc.org ,

the ultimate online resource for the HP-48 and 49g(+).