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Full Version: Update: Broken 49G+ keyboard
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Since my unit was under warranty, HP sent a replacement (with a keyboard made in 2005). It has been a week, and so far so good (keeping my fingers crossed I won't have to call HP in six months...)

What is the serial number of you new unit? Does is have the 2.0 ROM? Are there any tangible, substantive improvements in quality that you perceive? After several bad 49+s, I won't touch another one, not for a long, long time of nothing but positive reports.

This is concerning. I will hag on to a couple of 49G's as a result. They seem much more substantial, but the 49G+ is a cost reduced model as well.

Certainly. It is CNA51506199. (must be after the Carly era)

About the keyboard, so far so good, but I had to load 2.00 ROM.

Great you got a good unit, and I sincerely hope it holds up for you. As for me, I'm in an indefinite holding pattern. I have several of the old 49s, which perform quite well. After what I went through with the 49+, the wasted money, exchanging with HP, the headache of getting one bad unit after another... It's going to take quite a bit of time before of hearing nothing but glowing reports before I even think about buying another 49+.

I am on my 4th 49G+. It's got really soft keys. I am amazed. CNA4340**** . Works flawless. Never had a missed key. BTW The first just went dead. The second had a broken SPC key. And the 3rd I exchanged for a GX [ caught a sucker ].

"And the 3rd I exchanged for a GX [caught a sucker]."

HP actually sent you a 48GX?! I wouldn't mind that as well.

My first-ever HP calculator, an E-Bay-bought HP49G+, serial no. CNA41..., has given no trouble at all. No missed keystrokes, certainly not since I installed ROM 2.0; however Minehunt does duplicate keystrokes now and then.

Overall, I'm impressed, with both the build quality and the software. But then, I had been using a cheap TI.

Sorry - the subject-line of my previous post should have been as shown above.

Wow! So that where my 48GX got found... just kidding. I would like to get a 48GX since I lost it years ago. For the week I waited for the 49G+ replacement, I used the 48G and I was impressed with the keyboard, and everything else.