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Full Version: Connect 9825 with HPIL Tape Drive
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I have HP9825B with General I/O Extended I/O module, I have 82169A HP-IL/HP-IB interface and I have HP82161A HP-IL Cassette Drive with all necessary cables. Any idea how to store a program (what HPL commands to use) from the 9825 to the HPIL cassette? (The internal 9825 drive is not working properly).

I think you should forget it

There's not any easy way to do it. The 9825 doesn't know the Filbert (82161A) command set.

If the 9825 can talk to devices that use SS/80 commands, there's an outside chance that you might be able to get it to work with a 9114 disk drive. But I think the 9825 only uses the commands of the older HP disk drives (a subset of Amigo protocol, which predated the CS/80 and SS/80 protocols and is not compatible with them).

Your best bet is to get an HP-IB drive that was actually supported on the 9825.