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Full Version: HP41CV up/download to/from a PC
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Hi all,

Is it possible to upload a program from a HP41 to a PC and to download a program from a PC to a HP41 (in a simmilar way as for HP48)? If yes, which peripheral should be connected to HP41 and which software is to be used at the PC.

Please, excuse me if I am asking something very well known, but I am a newbie to HP41CV.

Thanks in advance.

Several methods of getting code from the 41 to the PC

1) HPIL serial interface
2) HPIL Disk drive
3) HPIL interface on PC
4) IR printer on HP41 and special hardware/software om PC

And to get the code from PC to 41

From above 1, 2, or 3, and creating barcode on PC and using wand on HP41

Try the following page from this web site:


It gives instructions for several methods of getting programs from the PC to the HP-41.