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Full Version: +/- function on HP-28S??
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Hi all,
I just bought an HP-28S without a users manual and am trying to get by without it until I can find one. I'm having a problem finding the +/- function...
example: 2.5E-6 (how do you enter the "-" ??)
Anyone know?

Must be a recent HP convert. For ages, negative numbers were entered using the CHS (change sign) key.

Welcome to the way of truth.

It's nice to see so many converting over from the "Dark side" isn't it?




123456 to remove

Who would've thought the CHS key could be the one.
I love my HP28S and have a hard time putting it down. Girlfriend's getting a little jealous.....might have to hide the calculator somewhere safe lest it be sacrificied.
thanks all,