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Full Version: 86B error message
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I have a 86B hewlett packard computer running smart terminal software and I try to save a program to floppy and receive a error message # 72Which say in the book "atempting to READ#/PRINT# to nonexistent record". I change out the 9121 processor and get the same message. Can anyone help. I use this for my business and I have to save programs. Please contact e-mail or 951 245-4418. Thanks Rob

Could it be a problem with the diskette you are using?

Have you tried to to STORE the program on a newly INITialized floppy?

> I change out the 9121 processor and get the same message

Do you mean that you have two 9121 mass storage devices and you used the second one?


May be it is just what it says:

The program is trying to read/write on records 102 on a file with only 100 records.

You should give us a copy of the line on which the error occurs with the variables values used on it.