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Full Version: HP 42S Repair ?
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Does anyone know if it is possible to repair a HP 42S. My calculator has suffered a fatal dose of bad squeeze whilst residing in a overpacked briefcase. The damage has resulted in:- a continuous beeping ; no key response( even the off key will not respond ) ; a bleeding LCD and other squash related features.

check out Randy at: http://www.fixthatcalc.com/

And if all else fails, you can now purchase a lower end replacement: the Hp33s.

Not a bad RPN calculator, but it aint no 42!


Some things to try before sending a calculator for service

For models 14B 17B 17Bii 21S 22S 27S 32S 32Sii 42S

This also applies to the 10C,11C,12C,15C and 16C

I changed my batteries and now my calculator is dead!

Always, always - before changing batteries, back up any programs or solver equations!

The models listed above all share the same battery size and type. The three small coin cell batteries will last a minimum of a year or more, depending upon use. One common problem is after installing new batteries, the calculator appears dead and will not power up. This can be sometimes be fixed by completely resetting the calculator and completely clearing memory. Here's how:

Remove the battery cover and shake the batteries out with a few sharp smacks against the palm of your hand. Now, using a small coin (dimes and pennies work best), slip the sides of the coin between the battery spring clips so that you touch both sides of the battery clips at the same time with the coin. This discharges the internal storage and will clear memory. Now, reinstall the batteries, observing the proper polarity picture shown on the case, slip on the battery cover and turn it on. You should see a "Memory Clear", "Pr Error" or similar message and you're back to calculating.