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Full Version: Where to get HP calculator keyboard parts ?
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Can anyone on this list point to a source of HP calculator keyboard parts other than buying limping ones at Ebay and slaughtering them instead of repairing them ?
All what's needed is the upper shell with still readable key
legends and the keys themselves. Even hopeless battery acid
fatalities would be fine.

I assume you're talking about HP-41 keyboards.

Due to their construction (many heat stakes)

it doesn't make too much sense to 'repair' these keyboards.

There are many 'dead' HP-41s with still intact keyboards around,

most of them on eBay, but for reasonable prices.

AFAIK even HP simply replaced the complete upper case shell

instead of fiddling out the keyboard pcb.

The standard service parts were the IO block,

the CPU board, the battery holder, the lower case half,

the upper case half with the keyboard pcb and display,

and the U-shaped spacer between them.

Thanks, Raymond, but my attempt to save Web bit traffic obviously has led to confusion. Sorry for this. To be more
specific: I am seeking said plastic parts (upper shell and
keys) for all Classic, Woodstock and Spice models. On Classics
which have a plastic grating between the keyboard and the PCB
this grating would be welcome, too. I don't need any keyboard
PCB or any electronics, and I need one complete set of said
keyboard parts for each HP model. Maybe some of you are those
hardcore collectors or do know such (presumably shy) guys who
have large garbage drums full such sad remains of once proud HP calculators (I know such folks are lurking on this list). Any hint or offer is welcome.