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Full Version: Fancy HP-41CV!
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Do you saw this one??

It was assembled by hand for an HP plastic molding engineer or something like this. A beauty!!

Best regards,



interesting variation:-)

But I wouldn't say 'beauty'...

I have to admit I more like my Clearnut.


I agree to Raymond, clear is more beauty... But maybe interesting anyway. But maybe the case is only painted and not from marmorated plastic.

It is odd anyway... And the text said that it is really a different plastic (mix of two kinds) to create the "marble" pattern, and the keys' tops are blue also. Really a collectors' item!

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The lable shows it as a 41CV yet the pictures show it with a quad memory module?


I noticed that the key inscriptions in the top are also in blue instead of white. Quite unsusual!

Thanks for the interesting information.


Luiz (Brasil)