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Full Version: HP 110 how to take apart
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Hi, does anyone have links to either the service manual for the HP110, or to instructions on how to dismantle the unit ?
Any help or pointers are appreciated, thanks!

The 110 and 110+ are somewhat different in this respect, I assume you mean the former.

To take it apart, take off the battery cover at the back, if possible then unplug the 3-wire battery and reset cable from the battery PCB. Undo all the torx screws on the bottom, including the ones under the feet, and separate the case starting from the rear. Reach inside and unplug the battery and keyboard/display cables from the upper main PCB (I/O). Remove the top case.

Undo all the nuts on the I/O PCB, unplug the cable, take off the I/O PCB, spacers, screening foil, etc to reveal the CPU/memory PCB.

If it's actually a 110+ (Portable Plus), take out the 2 drawers (2 Torx screws each), remove the battery cover at the back and pull the battery enable link off the mainboard. Undo the 2 Torx screws on the battery terminal cover, take that off. With the machine upside-down (so metal shavings don't fall onto the mainboard), undo the battery terminal nuts. Loosen the nuts holding the battery straps to the mainboard, so that those straps can be moved off the battery terminals without bending them. Remove all the Torx screws from the bottom, separate the case starting at the rear, and unplug the keyboard and display cables from, the mainboard. Lift out the stack of 2 PCBs from the bottom case and separate them.

Should you need to remove the keyboard PCB, it's much the same in both machines. Unto the 4 screws inside the top case that hold the cover over the battery area. Take that cover off and remove the battery and foam pad. Undo all the nuts holding the keyboard in place (note how the earthing flexiprints are arranged). The 110 (not the 110+) has a display cable plugged into the keyboard, just unplug it.

To get the display module out, prise off the strip on the front of the display section. It's held on with double-sided foam tape. Undo the Torx screws under it, remove the front of the display section. Undo the nuts and take out the display.

Note that all the fasteners in this machine have metric threads. You need metric spanners to fit the nuts

I have the 110+ Techincal Reference and Service manuals. There's a reverse-engineered schematic of the 110 on the HPCC CD-ROM.