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Is there a document that lists the differences between the software in the HP-49G, HP-49G+ and HP-48GII? I'm familiar with most of the hardware differences between the models, it's the software that I'm fuzzy on. My understanding is that the HP-49G was an improved version of the HP-48G, and that the HP-48GII and HP-49G+ are improved versions of the HP-49G. Besides hardware dependent items, is there any difference between the software in the HP-48GII and HP-49G+? Does the keyboard on the HP-48GII suffer from the same problems as the HP-49G+?

No such document exists or is necessary. Long time users know there isn't a single new command added to the ROMs of the 49+ from the 49. Supposed bug fixes in the 49+ ROMS have only been to stop excessive battery usage and failed attempts to fix the keyboard problems.

However, some of the functions have been reimplemented to run directly on the ARM processor, garbage collection for instance and as the ROM is to be used on 48gii and 49g+ some checks are added for the SD card or the screen size.

So the 49g+ ROM is different from teh 49G but it is not obvious, as Diogenes says, not many new commands...


As far as I know, no new UserRPL commands, although certain
existing commands may behave a little differently, due to being
implemented on new hardware or bug fixes (or attempted bug fixes).

New SysRPL commands (using extable2):

Returns TRUE on my 49g+.

Returns TRUE on my 49g+.

Returns FALSE on my 49g+.

I've read a suggestion that MidApple_ checked the SD card, but it
doesn't matter whether or not I have the SD card inserted.

Using Nosy 4.1, it looks to me as if IsApple_ and IsBigApple_ end
up accomplishing the same thing, and IsMidApple_ just does the
inverse of IsBigApple_, but I'm not that good at reading assembly
code. Perhaps IsBigApple_ and IsMidApple_ are intended for
distinguishing a future model from the 49g+ and 48gII? But it
seems to me that there ought to be a command for distinguishing
the 48gII and 49g+....

In assembly language, the BUSCC command now does something; it's
used for accessing the ARM processor. Note that extable2 doesn't
seem to have BUSCC; use the opcode 80B instead. See these

I've read that there are other new assembly language commands; see
. But the project that I've been working on is
intended to work on all three of the 49G, 49g+, and 48gII, so I
haven't tried any of the new assembly language commands.


Edited: 29 Apr 2005, 10:01 p.m.