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Full Version: HP 33S self tests
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I just bought a used 33s and it seems to work fine and passes the self test but fails the keyboard test at cursor down (next to last key in test). This key works during normal use so why does it fail the test?

Hi, Charlie;

maybe the key is actualy bouncing (repeating) briefly during the test, so it works fine for many other applications. Can you 'force' this while listing a progrm in the LCD, for example, and see if it happens? I have an HP33S that bounces the cursor keys once and again.

Just a guess...


Luiz (Brazil)

Hi Luiz,
I entered a 5 line program from the manual and the key works as intended consistently. I then ran the key test and got the fail 8 at the cursor down key, also consistently. All the keys feel great and the small decimal is smallest between 2s. Other digits are ok. I think the 33 is a fine calculator and is getting undeserved bad mouthing. Maybe if I were a heavy user, all the other comments might apply but I have found nothing negative to say other than the test glitch.
Thanks, Charlie O. (Sonoran desert)

Hi, Charlie, me again;

It just occurred to me that when I first tested the HP33S keyboard I consistently used the wrong sequence for the one-piece arrow keys (It took me some trials till I found I was doing wrongly), so I thought that after reading your second post that, maybe, the key is perfectly working, but the sequence you are following may be wrong. The arrow keys have a different sequence. Please, forgive me if what I wrote means you are probably doing the test wrongly, I'm just trying to find the cause for such a weird behavior.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

After looking at the sequence again, I realized I was missing the left and right cursor between modes and solve. Everything is perfect and I have another fine hp to learn.

Thanks again Luiz, Charlie O. (Phoenix)

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