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Full Version: HP-12C Platinum Sticking Keys
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The HP-12C zero key does not enter unless I use force. The 2 key enters twice. This is the recommended calculator for the CFA exam, so these problems will cause me grief. Will HP replace the calculator?

Only if it is less than a year old. > 1 year and < 3 years and they will sell you a replacement at a lower than retail cost. This is USA only, don't know what they do elsewhere in the world.

You might search EBAY for the older HP-12C - virually the same as the HP-12C Plat but only RPN no algebraic - but the keys work! Not an ad for EBAY - only that they seem to have anything HP.

There is also an HP-12C emulator avail for Palmtops if that is legal on your exam. Emulators/simulators are avail via this hpmuseum.org site. See the sidebar on the homepage. I have installed the HP-15C and HP-12C by Lygea (or see lygea.com direct) on my iPAQ and they both work great. Cost was about $15 each. The 12C also happens to have RPN & Algebraic ala the 12C Plat. Even though the screen is smaller (about 65% of real calc) and they display "sideways" on my iPAQ, they have the look and feel of the real thing less the tactal keys - plus they can be programmed.

If you are concerned about RPN - think of it like this:
Work like you do with paper and pencil - ie write the numbers down, THEN add, subtract, etc. To let the calc know when you have finished inputting the first number, hit ENTER. If you visualize the problem as a VERTICAL paper and pencil problem instead of a horizontal algebra problem, RPN is really quite easy and you don't need to worry about how many brackets [ ie )))) ] you need to finish cuz, there are no pending ops with RPN. Most people I know who have used an RPN calc for 2-weeks, won't go back so the initial confusion is only short lived.

If your exam won't allow the Palmtop emulator, perhaps it would be worthwhile to spend $15 bucks, use the 12C emulator for a while in RPN, and then see if an EBAY search for the real thing is what you need to do.

Hope this helps,

The emulator would not be allowed on the CFA exam...only the HP12c or HP12c platinum and the TI BAII Plus calculators.

(I'm a CFA exam review course lecturer).

I would suggest giving HP support a call and tell them about your problem. Their phone number can be found on the hp website.