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Full Version: Hp 65 & 67 Keyboards
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Does anybody know if the brass?? sheet that the keys operate on when they are pressed are interchangeable on the HP 65 & 67?
I have a 65 that has lost the click on all the number keys and I have an extra 67 (the card reader is non-functional).
I am thinking of changing over the brass sheet from the 67 to the 65.
Any ideas???

Check the id number on the pcb's,

and try to follow the traces.

If it fits, it should work.


The PCBs are totally different between the 65 (which uses the classic-series anode and cathode driver chips) and the 67 (which is a Woodstock at heart).

The key contact strips, spot-welded to the PCB are the same between the 2 models. But fixing them onto the 65 PCB is decidedly non-trivial. It is possible to solder them, but IMHO the keys never feel right after doing that.

I would get the card-reader on the 67 fixed and not try to changeout parts from the 65.