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Full Version: W&W Rambox functional test
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I have the opportunity to buy a W&W Rambox. The seller will show me the item before I'll buy it. Unfortunately I don't know how to test it. Can anybody help me?

Thank you, Juergen

Hi Jürgen!

First do a CAT 2 to see if -RAMBOX 64a or -RAMBOX 64b is present. Then do a PG<> and CAT 2 again, "a" in -RAMBOX 64a should now be "b" or vv. Next do a Cold Start (ON+ENTER from off state IIRC) and see what happens.

Ah - stop! What RamBox? The 32k or 64k version?? The above is for the later one. For the 32k RamBox forget about PG<>. But on Cold Start it should ask some questions.


Dear Jürgen,

an additionally test would be loading the RAM-Box pages with ROM image files and list them with CAT 2.

Ask the former owner in which way he stored the RAM-Box : Pluged to the HP41 (this would be best because than HP41 supplies the RAM-Box) - or stand alone in a box - than the internal lithium cell supplies the internal RAM circuits. Unfortunately the lithium cell have a limited live time in the range of 10 years. When the batterie falls down you will lost the internal operating system of the RAM-Box.

If the RAM-Box includes no bank switching than reloading the operating system is easy.

Last not least from W&W exist a 32 KByte RAM-Box with some dip switches placed on the rear side. This unit is absolutely service friendly - and includes some special address features which are helpfully for some HP41 applications.....

Best wishes for testing the RAM-Box - you also know alternative solutions like NoVRAM or the MLDL2000 unit :-)

Christoph Klug

Thank you Mike! It's a 32k Rambox. I thought there is some kind of self test. You wrote that on Cold Start it should ask some question: what kind of questions?

Thank you, Christoph, for this additional infos. I hope the internal battery is still good, and the OS is not lost. On Saturday, I will know more...

Yes, I know NoVRAM and MLDL2000, and in a few weeks, I will buy at least one of both.

It is not a self test like those known from HP200LX, Pioneers, and others. At CS the RamBox gives you the chance to checksum and/or erase pages from it (IIRC).


Jippiii, I've got the RAMBOX and it seems to work: CAT 2 reports 'RAMBOX 1B'. I guess it's a 32kb RAMBOX. Unfortunately, the manual is missing. Is somebody out there who can provide me a copy of the manual (scanned, photocopied, or even the original one)?

Thank you, Juergen