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Full Version: All the dodgy replies
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About a week ago, I put a post on the ads forum to trade some manuals. Lots of people where interested in buying them. However all the replies I got look too dodgy for me to reply.

They are all recorded there:




Yes, seems you're receiveing a lot of scams... One way to refrain this is to mention your email as george.bushNOSCAM@lunaticasyleum.com, and ask people to remove "NOSCAM" from the address...

Does this trick you mentioned really help? Do these people use such unintelligent software to create their replies?

In my mailbox over 80% is spam. That's a real pain... Fortunately my HP-41 is not connected to the Internet ;-)

I've got several email addresses, one that I sue when I need to fill in some form on the net. Just to collect some passwords and finalizing subscriptions. This one is hugely spammed, but the other ones I use for - shall I dare to say - human communication is not.

You can of course make things more complicated, but this is a decent starting point to my eyes...

This seems to be our Swiss problem.. I also have about 80% Spams, you have a friend, Juergen.

since your last purchase I thought, you was an American?


No, I´m Swiss:


I especially liked your email from Prince tommy with the horse. A horses arse for sure. To learn more about you new bottom feeding friends you can go to http://www.ebolamonkeyman.com/

Does Dave have coppies of all your German manuals on the HP museum discs?

Does Dave have coppies of all your German manuals on the HP museum discs?

They are on the list yes. However I have documents that I haven't seen on the list. I will check again and might scan them if needed.