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Full Version: 32sii Silver more reliable? / and other rants
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Hi all,

Anyone have an idea why a new (in box) silver bezel 32sii would be more attractive than a n-i-b brown bezel?

On a side note, I've gotten a very nice 42s from my father, and it appears to have the molded keys that I've read about! Also, the first thing in the manual is a series of statements regarding HP's belief in the quality of their products, designed and built to last, etc..

Paging through the 33s manual, however...:)

Another point: HP released the 12c-Plat while still selling the gold 12c, using the traditional casing, yet the engineers, pleading for voyagers and pioneers get the "mind bender 33?"

The 33s would be less offensive, were the business types being fed similar "CAD-borne curvature." Ok, well at least I can store more progs w/o "MEMORY FULL" :)