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Full Version: HP17BII+ Questions
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1. How is the battery life on the "new" HP17BII+ (those manufactured in 2004 and later)? Can you carry it in a backpack or luggage with the unit turned off and still be able to turn it on days later without replacing the batteries?

2. Keyboard: are the keys loud and hard to press?

Thanks in advance.

days later? - rather months later!

33s keys are better, but the 17bII+ are ok.

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I hate to say but Bob Wang was right! Using L() and G() does not return expected results.

For example,


If I put X=3, then Y returns 0. (when it should return
If I put any number for Y, X returns SOLUTION NOT FOUND
(Example: if let Y=-5, I should get 8.35 for X)

Now for something really weird...


If I let X=3, then I get the Y=-1.92 result.
BUT If I try to solve for X, I get BAD GUESS; and if I try to solve for A, I get 0.

I am not sure if this is worth justifying replacing my old one and spending another $99.

What happens if you change the order?



I would get Y=0 if I input for X and NO SOLUTION FOUND when I try to solve for X.

There is not a lot of documentation on these functions. In fact the package came with the Edition 1 Manual, which does not mention them at all.

BTW, I did manage to reset my old one and it is still alive (thankfully). I'll have to find another case for it.

I ended up returning the new 17BII+ (not much keyboard difference and the Let and Get were not working the way it was supposed to anyway) and got a 12C (Platinum) instead. What the heck, I have not a version of the 12C or an HP voyage to begin with. I am keeping my old (2003) 17BII+ because I can live the keyboard and live without any reincarnation of Let and Get.

Going through the first few chapters of the 12C(Platinum), I can see why everyone gushes about the HP 12C series (I was wrong thinking it was overrated). ;)