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Full Version: HP-49G
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Does anyone know where I can get help using the 49G sbs? I called the tech support number and got some lame operator that took my question and said she would get back to me. Well, that did not happen, this lady had no clue. Is there a web site similar to Texas Instruments where someone can actually answer simple Calc. questions??? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Sorry to hear about your problems. The Hp49 is not Hp's most loved calc, but ask your questions here and someone should help. The calcs manuals can be downloaded from hp's official web site and the calcs own pathetic manual can answer some of the very simple questions. Post any others here and I will try to answer them within a day or so if no one else jumps in. (Please do anyone, I only own this machine but still use my 48 most of the time)