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Full Version: Calculator timing problem (49G+)
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I own a HP 49g+ since the last summer, and since I opened it, the calculator presents the same problem, I can't correctly set the time and the date (ie: I put 8:34 am of 4/2/2005, and I get 7:54 am of 3/12/2005). Also, even when I say "lets see if at least it keeps the time", the calculator does it while is on, but if I turn it off, it remains in the same time, as in a deep turn-off (by the way, I cant put it into deep off shift space doesnt work as they say in the end of the user manual). I wish to know what to do, I've tried changing the small buttonlike battery, I made a firmware update (to the same version I had) just to see. I wonder why the last upgrade available is only from 2004. Anyway, my 3.54 build 31, and the serial number in the plastic is CN40700966

What in this world can I do?

Thanks in advance

Abilio Marques

PS: anyone knows how to contact HP? Im not longer in USA, but the calculator is from there, HP people in the country I am says is not their problem, and people in USA only offers phone support

PS2: is this calculator prone to get keys lose? I've seen calculators from other people that have dancing zeros, enters and space keys, they lost the thing that kept them up, so now when they press these keys, they dont get anything, or get multiple keystrokes


the issue with loosing key strokes is a typical hp49g/g+ problem.

There seem to exist some workarounds,

but they only seem to treat the symptoms, not the cause;-)

AFAIK there is a firmware version 1.24 . Just upgrade.

More info on this: Newsgroup comp.sys.hp48


"AFAIK there is a firmware version 1.24 . Just upgrade."

No, theres not...

Hi, Abilio;

chances are the battery contacts for the single 3V, CR2032-like cell are bent or no longer in place. Is it possible to check if some misalignment occurred when you were putting the HP49G+ back togheter in one piece? This 3V battery is the back-up memory (like a holder) and I did not test how does the HP49G+ behaves if it is removed. I am almost sure it is mostly usefull when replacing the three regular batteries (hold memory contents), but its worht checking', don't you agree?


Luiz (Brazil)