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Full Version: HP 12c
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Hi! What year did production of the HP 12c cease in the USA? Thanks.


Well.....I see the gold face models still on shelves here...along with the new platinum models. My mother's 12c still works, its gotta be pushing a few years. She uses it daily. Yes, my father is an engineer. :)

...On that point, why would they reproduce the 12c plat, yet play with the engineers by mfg something that looked like the kbd had endured a three point bending test up to failure? (33s) ;)

AFAIK, 1989, concurrent with the discontinuance of the 11C and 15C. The 12C then moved to Singapore, then Malaysia and then China where it is still produced. Some were also made in Brazil during the late 80's and early 90's.

Thanks, Randy.