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Full Version: Change the Name of this Forum?
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I was wondering why there always seem to be so many people that think this is for any general HP info. . . and then it ocoured to me that the giant black HP "Forum" title on the main page is decieving. True, there is a paragraph explaining this is for calculators and a "MoHPC" up top, but that big black title seems to grab your attention and never let go. Even the Post Message screen lacks any sort of info that really attracts your attention.

I imagine this has been discussed before, but what about change the title of the main page to "HP Calculator Forum" in big bold letters. In the new message screen, change it to "Post a New Message to the Calculator Forum"

When you search "HP forum" in google. . . guess which site comes up first? ;-)



"HP Calculator Museum Forum"

good suggestion. It's nice that Dave H. hasn't started using a different BBS software. This open forum is nice, and probably simple to run. Having a few people post questions about their printer is the price to pay for the open forum.