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Full Version: 42S Programing Problem
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I somehow screwed-up and got .END. in my program catalog as a program! How do I get rid of it on the program menu?

The program reads thus:

00 (0-Byte Prgm) 01 .END.


Mine (S/N 29nnAnnnnn) does that, too. I think that it's the permanent .END. instruction (note: 0-byte program), as the 41's have in program memory. It also serves as an entry placeholder for the next user program.

Entering an external label in the program, then "CLP"'ing the program, does not eliminate the .END. "program".

-- KS

That's the permanent .END.

Your calc always maintains this .END.

Maybe the manual could help?


Go to your last program you entered and delete the END from the end.
The permanent END will take it's place and you will no longer have an .END. in your program menu.
Hope that helps.


Your solution worked! Tks.



You're welcome.


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Now that I think about it I believe the thanks actually should be pointed at Ted Kerber at D'Zign. I think I saw that in one of his 42s surveying program books something like seventeen years ago.

If you guys ever run across one of Ted's old booklets called "Urban Survey Programs" LET ME KNOW! I want a copy.
It is the only one I do not have and it REALLY bugs me.