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Full Version: 41C Quad Memory
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How do I install the Quad Memory in my 41C? Not the physical
installation, but the steps in the keyboard to get access to it.

No special installation necessary.

Just plug and play;-)

Seriously, once the QUAD is plugged,

you have access to all 319 registers.

Take a look into the manual about the SIZE function.



You must XEQ SIZE nnn where n is a digit.

SIZE is to tell it how much of the already-available memory you want set aside for registers for variables, but the memory is immediately available when you plug the module in and turn the calculator on. HP handhelds had plug-and-play long before they were even talking about it for PCs. It's not even "plug and wait awhile for it to configure itself and automatically install various software"-- it's truly plug-and-play.