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Full Version: attaching a routine to the 'ON' key?
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Hi all,

I recall VPN posting something about being able to assign coomands to the 'ON' key?

My hope is that I could assign the overclocking routine found on hpcalc.org (which makes my 49g+ finally usable!)

This way, everytime the calc is turned on, it automatically starts the overclock routine?

I'm worried to experiment, as I've suffered 3 memory losses this past evening..any ideas?

Actually you should assign it to OFF key!!
AND when you change the 49G/49g+/48gII STARTOFF
then you're set to TURBO when you press ON
<< OFF @ continues here, when you press ON

VPN, thank you for helping.

Could you tell me how to do this? ie:
1. Home directory
4. 101.3 ENTER
5. ASN
6. 101.6 ENTER
7. ASN
8. STO

Where do I put the overclock routine? I now have it in the VAR of HOME.
I am having trouble..

Eric Lundgren

Well you don't key in the numbers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.(-:

Please re-read my perivous post


TURBO is the command for overclocking


Aha! Ok, TURBO is a system recognized command! Yes, I succeeded by an identical method.

<< OFF ON C124S >> STO 'STARTOFF' 101.3 ASN

**also** interesting, I found that << ON c124s >> instead will keep the calculator from turning off! This may be convenient during exams...

So far, it is performing very well.

Is TURBO clockspeed faster than the C124S routine? How is battery life for you?

Also, do you think it will significantly reduce life of the calculator?

Thank you again VPN, you have been very helpful.


"Aha! Ok, TURBO is a system recognized command!"
VPN> no, it's on of the overclock binaries.

"<< OFF ON C124S >> STO 'STARTOFF' 101.3 ASN"
VPN> Take OFF "ON" and do also 101.6 ASN

"<< ON c124s >> instead will keep the calculator from turning off!"
VPN> You don't need "ON", it's not a command

"Is TURBO clockspeed faster than the C124S routine?"
VPN> Just keep using the c124s
VPN> Be sure the case is correct, 49 is case sensitive

"How is battery life for you?"
VPN> Terrible - I use reloadables

"do you think it will reduce life of the calculator?"
VPN> not at all, the samsung is undeclocked as is
VPN> the SRAM speed is the limiting factor

Edited: 18 Mar 2005, 2:23 a.m.