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Full Version: normal distribution hp40G
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Can someone help me, I have two questions:
* Is there a simple way to plot a normal distribution function with given mean (avarage) and standard deviation without entering the whole function prescription with the hp40G?
* Where can I find an aplet to fit a discreet histogram with a continuous normal distribution?

you can easily use the built in plot overlay capabilities to put a normal cdf function on your bar graph. If you don't know how to do that, review the plotting part of the manual. To make it easier, download my statpack which includes a ton of stat stuff you will find usefull. You can use the NCDF function to do it. This is the same thing as doing a UTPN(x,x,x)-UTPN(x,x,x) if i remember correctly.



Sorry about the subject line on my previous. . . autocomplete filled it in for me. . . =(


Thank you very much, it is really the aplet that I was looking for! I'm not so technical, but I understand that I have to unzip your file before I can install it on my calculator, but I'll give it a try. Do I need a password to unzip your file or is that a stupid question?

Greetz Tho