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Full Version: information about hp49g
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where can i get an computer text editor to send text from my computer to my hp49g. thanks

HP Comm 3.0r4 does a decent job of file transfers but I have yet to figure out how to start a new text or program file as this option apparently isn't easily done. You can start a new folder but not a new file. Documentation for the program is nonexistent, and the Help menu is a joke.

On the other hand, TI's GraphLink is so easy to use it's like falling off a log. I'm not much of a programmer yet I've been able to write several small programs easily, check them out on an emulator, then use them on my TI89. I'm been using my TI89 a lot more than I have my slow, buggy HP49. I really consider the money I spent on my HP49 a waste of money.

The 49G looks like one more of those Japanese calculators, and to me it was just as buggy.

So I was not the only one that was disappointed by this machine. I even declined buying it. Now I see it was a smart decision.

I was used to HP calculators cause their power and advance RPN technology. Since my old HP 28 C lost me I decided to buy the new high end model from HP the HP 49G. In the first days I was also a little bit irritated by the design but further the calculator has a lot of functions and could be easy programmed as all other HP calculators. Up to now I am only looking forward about the next model Xpander. Does anybody knows when this modell will hit the stores?

Xpander has been indefinitely "postponed," translated: dead. This is most probably due to very poor sales of the HP49, so HP brass won't put any money into new products.

HP "brass" should consider a marketing analysis of both satisfaction of it's existing products (lesson's learned) and marketplace segmented needs, with appropriate testing and user involvement. Result would likely be fewer but much better SKU's.