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Full Version: HP29C - DSZ ISZ Question
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I have never owned an HP29C (nor given the prices on e-bay am I ever likely to own one either) but would like to know if the operation of the DSZ/ISZ instructions on the HP29C/HP19C is similar to the DSE/ISG functions on the HP11C - obviously in the case of the HP29C/HP19C the test is against a zero value, but did the HP29C use the fractional and integer parts of the I register in the same was as the HP11C (and HP34C) or was it was it altogether simpler?


Mike T.

I don't have a 29/19 either, but have used a 29C for a short while many years ago. If I recall correctly (I apologize in advance if I'm wrong), as the test value was zero and as the step was always one, the fractional part is always zero´. For comparison, in the HP41 any register used for ISG/DSE operations has the format: iiiii.fffcc where i is the initial or current value, fff the final value and cc the step.

Small addition: the fractional part doesn't need to be zero. It's just being ignored.

To summarize - the fractional part of the value in R0 is ignored (and left unchanged?) while integer part is incremented/decremented and next instruction is skipped if the result is zero. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Many thanks for the feedback.

Mike T.

fractional part is indeed left unchanged and of course the test is done on the integer part only.

Thank you...