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Full Version: Preserving HP-41 Battery Contacts
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I monitor my collection of HP-41's for battery contact corrosion and wipe them with alcohol and cotton swab occasionally. Recently, I noticed a small amount of corrosion forming.

What is a safe and effective neutralizer to use?

Thanks for the advice in advance.


I have been using a product called a Caig Gold Pen. Like a magic marker full of corrosion inhibitor, etc. They also make a product called DeOxit in the same type of pen. It remains to be seen how well these products actually work in the long term.


Thank you for your response. I am not aware of the products you mentioned, can you recommend where I might purchase them?

Any thoughts from other parties or is David's suggestion the consensus?

Thanks, Brian

I fount it at Fry's. Also see CAIG.COM They recommend De-Oxit for discolored contacts. ProGold for clean contacts.

I would also appreciate further recommendations and anecdotes regarding products to deal with battery compartment corrosion.

I am trying a "Staticide Power Pen"

A few months ago, I used it on my 33E battery and charger terminals. I think the single application substantially reduced the corrosion, but not stopped it completely, so I have now applied it again. It doesn't appear to have done any harm, but this isn't a very scientific test.

The packaging says:

"Removes and helps prevent performance-reducing corrosion"
"fast acting formulation removes oxidation from old and new battery contact surfaces."
"Active ingredients: Citrus and Mineral Oil."
"liquid is clear." "Applicator tip may turn dark after use."
"Non-toxic, non-corrosive ingredients"

It also says "Keep out of reach of children." and "Caution: Not intended for use on car or zinc air batteries."


DigiKey part number ST1026, currently $5.88