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Full Version: M essage to Patrick about SOLVE Algorithm
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I am looking for Patrick who published the following post on the web site:


Reverse Engineering HP Solve [long]

Posted by Patrick on 15 Oct 2003, 3:28 a.m.

For the past couple of months I've been engaged in the rather fun intellectual exercise of trying to reverse engineer the HP Solve algorithm, as found on the HP-34C and HP-15C (experiments suggest it is the same). My source material for this effort is primarily the HP Journal article by William H. Kahan on the implementation of Solve for the HP-34C. Very similar discussions appear in other HP literature, such as the HP-15C Advanced Functions Handbook.



So, here I am with a plea to the HP calculator community. If anyone is aware of any details regarding the HP Solve algorithm, especially in regards to bending secants, I would be quite grateful for a hint! Dr. Kahan, are you out there? ;-)


I am planning to give a talk at HHC2005 this September and would cover HP's SOLVE routines. I am interested in Patrick's discovery (to save time). I will give Patrick credit due in my presentation.