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Full Version: Improved Keyboard Hp49g+ serial
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Dear Friends...Can you tell me the serial number since the keyboard problems were fixed?...i´m going to buy a unit for a friend so i don´t want to make mistakes...

Thanks a lot.....


I just (today 3/2/05) received a replacement 49g+ from HP themselves.

My experience is this:
1. Keyboard felt "pre-used" ie kind of loose, not ncsrly bad.

2. Still- no missed keystrokes, until the stack gets about 3 to 4 objects deep..then a 777 becomes 77, etc..


Hi Will. I've got a 49G+ with a 428 date code and with the clock display turned off I haven't experienced any problems. Compared to other calculators the keys do require a fair amount of pressure to press.

I hope that this helps and good luck!



Can you tell me how your 49g+ responds to rapid same key entry? Also, have you noticed it is related to the depth of items on the stack?


Hi Eric. I'm able to load up the stack and press keys rapidly without loss of input.

By the way, the date code on the 49G+ is not visible through the blister pack however the expiration date on the batteries is visible. At Fry's I looked at all the packages on the shelf to try to find what appeared to the newest batteries and hopefully the newest and best keypad. Maybe my strategy paid off, but only time will tell.